Our Owners

Louis Mazzei
Louis Mazzei

Louis Mazzei has been the owner of Accurate Driving School since 1989. In addition to his ownership, Louis is a driver education teacher at Rutgers Preparatory School. Louis also teaches at the Lord Stirling School in Basking Ridge, where he is responsible for students with learning disabilities. His extensive knowledge of driver education filters down from the classroom into his behind the wheel program. He is well equipped to teach our high school students. He also teaches our adult clients and has been responsible for reevaluating our senior drivers.

Joseph Giacomo
Joseph Giacomo

NJ State Certified Driver Education Teacher with over 30 years of experience. Joseph started teaching driver education at St. Pius X High School in 1986. He then continued teaching at Jersey City Regional Day School where he encountered many students with learning disabilities. In 1987 while still teaching in Jersey City, he opened Accurate Professional Driving School. Joseph is the Vice-President of the Driving School Association of NJ and is currently teaching driver education theory at the Job Corps Center in Edison and Wardlaw-Hartridge School, as well as instructing at Accurate Driving School. He has spent his entire career teaching people the art of driving. “The mechanics of driving are relatively easy to teach, it is the understanding of the relationship between the driver, the road, the car, and safety which must be instilled in all of our new drivers.” Joseph prides himself with the development of one of the best driving schools in the state.

Dina Giacomo
Dina Giacomo

Co-owner of Accurate Driving School. Dina has a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. Dina has helped run Accurate Driving School for more than 30 years. She is a state certified instructor at the school. Dina handles the daily operation of the school and oversees all of the instructors. Dina has an appointed seat on HTSPAC, the State Highway, and Traffic Safety Policy Advisory Council.  She attends their meetings on traffic safety and brings the message back to her staff. Many of the safety techniques discussed at these meetings are incorporated into lessons. There are only 2 driving schools in the State that were asked to send a representative to this council, and she is honored to be one of them.  “As parents, we provide all types of lessons for our children and spend hundreds of dollars on dance, sports, music and tutors.  It shocks me when the first question a parent asks about  my school is the price of the only lessons their child will take that can actually save their lives.”

Our Instructors

</p><p><center>Jack Datu</center>

Jack Datu

Jack has been with Accurate Driving School for over 15 years. Prior to teaching at our school, Jack was an instructor at a truck driving school. Jack has also served in our Navy as a young man. He is diligent and precise. Jack truly enjoys teaching new drivers and he does so with the patients and determination. He does not rest until his students understand the awesome responsibility they are given when they are behind the wheel. He is pleasant and always happy. He is a true asset to our school and we are pleased to have his as part of our Accurate Driving School family.

</p><p><center>Gregory Shoup</center>

Gregory Shoup

Greg has been a valued member of our staff for over 15 years. Prior to working with us, Gregory was an instructor at Metuchen Driving School. He has over 20 years of experience of behind the wheel training. He is always pleasant and truly enjoys teaching our students. Greg is also very patient and is wonderful with our students that have learning disabilities. He understands that each student has a unique way of learning and tailors his lessons to fit their needs. We are happy to have Greg on staff and part of our Accurate Driving School family.